How a wuhan woman takes on china's government

How a wuhan woman takes on china's government

When asked how the Chinese author Fang Fang just leaves, responds to her translator Michael Kahn-Ackermann. He himself lives in China and has telephone contact with her and writes with her via the Internet. "It's Fang Fang, as someone who has to deal with slander, death threats, obscene remarks, untrue rumors day after day," he replied to our editorial staff. Despite the situation, Fang Fang said he was unbroken. But she also doesn't want to comment publicly at the moment out of an abundance of caution.

Writer Fang Fang has written the book of the hour. "Wuhan Diary: Diary from a Locked Down City.", this are 60 diary entries that vividly describe how life in the because of the Coronavirus sealed off city was. No one was allowed to go there or leave, there was no way to report from there. The virus broke out in Wuhan for the first time, much is still uncertain about its origins and trajectory. Fang Fang's book, now being published around the world, is an important look from the inside that helps Corona Pandemic and to better understand its political and private consequences.


Bonus for health: daimler pays premium for attendance

According to dpa-AFX, the carmaker Daimler pays employees a bonus if they are rarely sick, according to a new company agreement. Daimler and the works council agreed on an attendance bonus of a maximum of 200 euros gross per year. The full bonus is paid to employees who have not been unable to work for a single day within a year. Accordingly, it is distributed over a maximum of 50 euros per quarter. In the industry, this action is uncharted territory.

The bonus is part of a larger employee health agreement. In addition, there is a voluntary and free health check for all employees, which is intended, for example, to help with the early detection of health risks.

Daimler's works council head Michael Brecht said, "In weighing the interests, we ultimately decided to accept the attendance bonus for a limited period for the introduction of the health check. We managed to get it automatically phased out after two years, but the health check remains." He added: "We also ame that the sums involved will not cause anyone to drag themselves into the store ill."


Organ donor numbers fall to lowest level in 20 years

The number of organ donors in Germany reached a new low in 2017. According to statistics from the German Foundation for Organ Transplantation (DSO), there were only 797 donors, 60 fewer than in the previous year. This is the lowest level in 20 years, the foundation announced. Compared with other European countries, Germany is in a very poor position.

"Unfortunately, we will slip below the ten donors per million population mark for the first time ever. In 2017, there were 9.7," the dpa quotes Axel Rahmel, Medical Director of the DSO. In the history of the foundation, this has never happened before, not counting the early years of organ donation more than 30 years ago. "In an international comparison, Germany has so far been in the lower midfield. Now we are almost behind all other Western European countries in comparison. This is a dramatic development." The DSO figures refer to the 10. January registered organs for 2017 without living donations.

Rahmel sees the reasons for the decline in donor numbers in Germany less in the lack of willingness of the population. One cause, he says, is the enormous compression of services in clinics. It would also like to see improvements in the organization of the approximately 1250 clinics in Germany that are part of the organ donation system. In 2017, for example, Bavaria released transplantation officers for their duties for the first time. Organ donor numbers in Bavaria rose by 18 percent in 2017, the highest figure among all German states, he said.


Verfangsschutzer take corona “lateral thinkers” in their sights

The Verfangsschutz
has called for a closer look at " Lateral thinking
"-Events announced. Recently, extremists had participated several times in the events of the movement.

"We know that in the so-called lateral thinking movement, or at least in the events that are organized by it, also extremists
, Reichsburger and the like to appear," said a spokesman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior on Friday in Berlin. However, the movement that criticizes the Corona measures and takes to the streets against them is very diverse, he stressed. "One must look at this in a differentiated way."

Hamburg's head of interception Torsten Vob
told "Der Spiegel": "We are looking very closely at whether a separate extremist movement is emerging here that does not fit into the classic pigeonholes. There is a lot to be said for this."He also registered a growing readiness to use violence among the "lateral thinking" supporters. "There have already been two attacks, on a building of the Robert Koch Institute and in front of the Leibnitz Community in Berlin," Vob said.


Second wave in italy: the return to the risk zone

A man lies sprawled on the floor of a toilet at Cardarelli Hospital in Naples. In the adjacent hallway, hospital beds with Patients in densely packed confusion. The blurry cell phone video of the shocking Death of an 84-year-old in a Emergency Room Went viral on social media within hours.

In front of another Hospital the Vesuvius metropolis, cars of patients with respiratory distress are lined up. To prevent them from suffocating, nurses place oxygen bottles next to the trolleys. Thin tubes lead inside the car to the sick in the back seat.

Retirement homes in Rome no longer accept Corona convalescents

In Rome old people remain after surviving Corona infection in the hospital, because Homes for the elderly they no longer record. A young man who left the line for the Corona test in Rome to go to work receives word shortly after that he has tested positive, though no more swabs were taken. Countless episodes demonstrate that Italy's health care system is overwhelmed by the second Corona wave.


Health minister wants to force health insurers to compete more closely

Hermann Grohe wants to encourage health insurers to be more competitive with the planned healthcare reform. However, the non-wage labor costs are to remain stable, the health minister has announced. Companies will therefore neither be burdened nor relieved. While the government wants to increase the amount to be paid by health insurance fund members Abolish special contribution of 0.9 percent of income , However, in its place, health insurers are expected to again in 2015 Additional contributions be allowed to collect to close the resulting gap of 11 billion euros. These new additional contributions must be paid by employees alone.

The monthly health insurance contribution is to be reduced from 15.5 to 14.6 percent, employees and employers each pay half. If the insurance companies raise the contribution, the insured "have the right to look for a cheaper offer," said Grohe. Health insurance funds that have to charge an additional contribution due to their financial situation run the risk of losing members. This is expressly desired by politicians and is intended to more Competition bring.

Some health insurers are going on the offensive and pouring Bonuses to the insured from. In the next few days, the health insurance company hkk will be sending dividend checks for 2013 of up to 100 euros to around 260.000 members – a total of around 24.5 million euros. As the only nationwide elective fund, it is thus paying back to its members for the fifth time in a row a large part of the annual surplus generated. For 2014, hkk members will receive an additional 100 euros, which will be paid out in spring 2015. Even new members who have been insured until 1. December 2014 switch to hkk, will receive the full amount.


Corona: study proves heart damage in majority of recovered patients

The Frankfurt University Hospital Has published a study that Heart damage Has been found in a large proportion of Corona recovered people. After the patients negatively on Covid-19 the research team led by cardiologists Eike Nagel and Verena Puntmann found that 78 percent of those who had recovered still had abnormalities in their hearts. In 60 percent of cases, the researchers even diagnosed a Heart muscle inflammation.

"In our group, we did not observe a correlation between severity of acute infection and the presence as well as extent of cardiac injury," Nagel says.

Corona late effects: Cardiologist suspects immune response as cause

For the study, the cardiologists examined 100 recovered Corona patients of the University Hospital Frankfurt about eight weeks after the corona diagnosis. Those who recovered had an average age of 49; 47 percent were women.


Volker bruch laments framing – and uses it himself in the process

"Babylon Berlin" star Volker Bruch does not hide behind criticism of Corona measures. Even more: He seeks proximity to the "lateral thinker" party. The actor also took part in the latest protest marches in Berlin last Sunday, which had been banned in advance. Later, on the same day, he was interviewed on publicist Paul Brandenburg's Youtube talk format.

Under the title "Cancel Culture, Framing and videos" both spoke for about 45 minutes in a live stream about the protests. They complained that critics of the Corona measures were being placed in the right-wing corner with the aim of hiding their criticisms. In the process, the two created a lesson, so to speak, for what they eloquently debated: framing.

Framing: What the term means

The term comes from psychology and communication science. He describes a theory according to which, by formulating a message differently, different Frame (engl. frame) arise. This frame may determine the interpretation of what is heard, read or said.


Scandal king juan carlos in exile: homesick for spain

He was a "king of black money," people on the streets outrage. The Spanish satirical magazine "El Jueves" featured a caricature on its cover that showed Juan Carlos I. makes off with travel bags full of money.

Four months ago, the retired king, who in 2014 passed the crown to his son Felipe VI. handed over, disappeared abroad. Like a thief, Juan Carlos had secretly disappeared overnight from the palace in Madrid in early August. It is now known that at the time he was traveling by private jet to Abu Dhabi had flown to the United Arab Emirates.

At first it was said that Juan Carlos had checked into a luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi, where he occupied a suite that cost around 6000 euros per night. Now Spain's largest newspaper "El PaIs" claims to have learned that the old king, at the invitation of the Emirates' ruling Ruling family Al Nahyan living in one of the many palaces of the Al Nahyan clan.


Alcohol after booster vaccination? Why this is not a good idea

Many people in Germany will receive their third Corona vaccination in these days and weeks. Around theTermin ask themselves many, which one must consider before and after the inoculation, which applies particularly with the Booster? What is the effect of taking medication or Alcohol on the immunization from? This overview answers the most important questions.

What to consider before the Corona vaccination?

Before you get vaccinated, you should tell the doctor above all whether in the past with other vaccinations already Irregularities have occurred. For example, some people faint at the sight of or when given an injection, while others experience immediate allergic reactions. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) also recommends a two-week interval between vaccinations and others.

Am I allowed to be vaccinated against Corona with a cold or flu infection?

As with other vaccinations – such as the flu shot – Corona immunization should not be given to acute illness carry out. Most doctors also advise against vaccination if the patient has a slightly elevated temperature. There is a simple reason for this: the body's immune system is busy fighting another disease – this could mean that the vaccine does not develop its full effect.