Lauterbach presses for vaccination booster: “absolutely necessary”

Lauterbach presses for vaccination booster:

The fourth Corona wave is clearly picking up speed in these autumn days, while Germany is largely treading water when it comes to vaccinations. At the weekend, the nationwide seven-day incidence rate for the New infections back into triple digits for the first time since May. Then on Monday, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported a renewed increase of 110 new infections per 100.000 inhabitants within one week. The trend in contagions is clearly upward. 6573 new infections were registered on Monday.

Almost all age groups are affected. But what is particularly worrying is that there is also a renewed increase in contagions among the elderly and the very old. According to the RKI, the incidence among people over 90 years of age recently rose again to 64, and among 85- to 89-year-olds to 46. By comparison, the figure in mid-June was 1. Many people of this age, as well as many people with severe pre-existing conditions and immune deficiencies, belong to the Corona high-risk group and were therefore the first to be vaccinated against Covid-19 to be vaccinated.

Boosters running sluggishly in Germany

But the administration of the second dose is in many cases already more than half a year ago. Thus the protective effect of the Vakzins against severe courses of the disease. A third booster vaccine dose before the critical winter months is indicated in many cases to prevent vaccine breakthroughs and disease.


Idar-oberstein: how dangerous are corona deniers??

He comes back, puts on the nose-and-mouth protection, stands in line, waits until every customer at the checkout in the Aral gas station pays – only then does he tear the mask off his face. The man wants to provoke. He knows very well that the Mask obligation will admonish. Because it experienced in such a way, exactly in such a way, one and a half hours before.

Now the repeat takes an abrupt turn. This time he pulls out a large caliber Colt out of his pocket and shoots the cashier, a 20-year-old student. "This is the first case of a killing in connection with Corona," emphasizes the deputy head of the police union (GdP), Jorg Radek, in an interview with our editorial team.

Idar-Oberstein, Saturday evening, 21.25 o'clock: In the Rhineland-Palatinate province it looks at first like an ordinary Violent crime from. Only the motive, which emerges two days later, makes it an act with a nationwide signal effect. Cashier had to die because he insisted on mask compliance. It is the case constellation that many security experts have long feared.


Rising incidences: how dangerous will the delta wave?

After months in the Lockdown millions of people in Germany have longed for the pandemic to take a summer break. But nothing comes of it, the highly contagious delta variant of the corona virus takes hold. For days now, the numbers have been rising worryingly steeply.

Within twelve days, there was a doubling of the Seven-day incidence. As of Thursday morning, it was reported at 12.2. At the interim low on 6. July the value had been 4.9. According to the weekly report of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) on Thursday, the Corona case numbers have increased by an average of 61 percent within a reporting week nationwide. According to the report, the current rise in incidence is "particularly evident in the 15- to 34-year-old age groups".

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) called the latest development dramatic at her summer press conference – and urgently objected to Vaccination fatigue. "The more vaccinated, the freer we will be again."


Spd politician karl lauterbach reports additional income late

"Huge mistake" by Karl Lauterbach. The SPD's health expert was late in reporting ancillary income to the Bundestag. He had reported an advance fee for a December 2020 book two months late, Lauterbach tweeted on Monday night.

Karl Lauterbach: 17.850 euros for India

"In the process, my office noticed that all ancillary income from 2018/19, 17.850 € for 4 lectures, were not yet reported. Giant mistake, for which I stand straight: 17.850 I donate to India."

Below, Lauterbach posted a donation receipt for 3,000 euros from the UN children's agency Unicef.


Masks, tests and to properly dispose of corona waste

They belong over the mouth and nose, but not in the yellow garbage can or yellow bag: Corona masks. Many people do not seem to know this, make may not care either. The German waste management industry complains: Too often, our Corona trash in the wrong garbage can.

Often end up in the operating room and FFP2 masks in the waste paper, for example, where they have no place. They must not be disposed of in the waste paper – even if the material looks like paper or the manufacturer even speaks of paper fleece. Because the fleece can contain, for example, polypropylene, a plastic fiber.

The same applies to FFP2 masks, which are made from a filter fleece. These variants and the models with the identifier KN95/N95 must end up in the residual waste, explains the initiative "Waste separation works". Under no circumstances should Protective masks in the toilet be flushed down the toilet – because unlike toilet paper, this fleece does not dissolve. Rather, masks can get tangled with other objects in the sewer system and clog the sewer system.


Global vaccination collapse: poorer countries hardly get any vaccines

In the Corona crisis, there seems to be only one cure: vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate. But even if Europe has four times as many Vaccine would have been as at present, the pandemic would not have been defeated. For the poorer countries lack the preparations.

Between Paris and Warsaw, the vaccination train is moving slowly. The locomotive sputters, the wagons jolt. Just twelve percent of German citizens have received the first dose. But even if Germany, with a vaccination rate of 60 to 70 percent If the WHO were to achieve herd immunity – a dream so far – the pandemic would not have lost its horror. Because poor countries are currently hopelessly lagging behind.

Corona: Aid organizations criticize vaccination nationalism

There is a lack of vaccine, tests and masks there. The virus can spread indefinitely. With the risk that Mutants develop viruses that are resistant to the vaccine. This increases the risk that even more aggressive pathogens will reach Europe via vacation and business trips or via trade.


Hofreiter: government negligent in corona protection at schools

Anton Hofreiter causes great concern the end of the summer vacations. In a brief interview, the head of the Green Party's parliamentary group talks about Corona protection at schools, digital infrastructure and the controversial large-scale rally in Berlin.

The number of corona infections is also rising rapidly in Germany. Can schools resume regular operations as planned?

Anton Hofreiter: The federal government has lost important time and failed to use the past few weeks to prepare for a resurgence in infection figures together with the states. It is downright negligent that the federal government has still not coordinated clear guidelines and a comprehensible concept nationwide.


Corona pandemic: this is how the vaccine is to be protected

As "helping hands" the soldiers of the Bundeswehr appreciated and "booked. For the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 the Ministry of Health has formally requested administrative assistance from Storage and distribution of substances asked.

"First, wherever it seems appropriate, we will facilitate the delivery and storage of the vaccine in our barracks," says Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (CDU) of our editorial team.

Bundeswehr provides storage – and security

Bundeswehr's first offer as an interim storage facility is likely to be the Supply and Maintenance Center for Medical Material be in Quakenbruck. The military, however, vouch not least for Security, Although they do not perform police duties. What is written on the signs in front of a barracks? "Military security area. Beware of the use of firearms!"