Passwords: federal office recommends new approach to login data

Passwords: federal office recommends new approach to login data

Booting up the computer, checking email, perusing Instagram, booking a trip, playing in a soccer betting game, transferring money – the list of activities for which we are responsible in everyday life Passwords The password that we need has become longer and longer in recent years. The digital keychain is practically as important today as the one we use to lock our homes. After all, it too secures a part of our lives: our data.

What experts never tire of pointing out: Passwords should not be chosen arbitrarily – after all, only a secure key is a good key. But what is a secure password and what is not, there were and still are different opinions about it. And now there are new recommendations on how to deal with passwords from a competent source.

The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) had always recommended changing passwords regularly until now. However, the BSI no longer gives this tip: In the current edition of the BSI Basic Protection Compendium, the corresponding text passage has been deleted.


No npd ban – proceedings fail for the second time

No npd ban - proceedings fail for the second time

Sharp defeat for the federal states: Their attempt to ban the far-right NPD from the party landscape and to have it banned has failed. On Tuesday, the Federal Constitutional Court rejected the Bundesrat's application for a ban – because of the party's lack of assertiveness.

In their nearly 300-page ruling, the judges in Karlsruhe state that the NPD is anti-establishment and similar in nature to National Socialism. "However, there is currently a lack of concrete indications of weight that make it seem possible that their actions will lead to success," said court president Andreas Vobkuhle at the announcement of the verdict in Karlsruhe.

Hurdles for a party ban are high

"One or the other may find the result of the proceedings irritating," the chairman of the Second Senate went on to say. A party ban, however, is "not an ethos or ideology ban". Vobkuhle explicitly pointed to "other response options" – such as withdrawing state funding for political parties. This would not have to decide however the Verfangsgericht, but the Verfangsandernden legislator.


Photographing under skirts: “upskirting” to become a criminal offense

Photographing under skirts: 'upskirting' to become a criminal offense

The secret photographing under skirts and dresses – the so-called Upskirting – is to become punishable after the will of Federal Minister of Justice Christine Lambrecht. "Anyone who secretly photographs women and girls under their skirts is massively encroaching on their privacy and their personal rights," the SPD politician told the Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland (RND).

Upskirting is punished so far as a misdemeanor. However, this does not offer effective protection and does not make clear to offenders that their "humiliating and degrading behavior" is absolutely unacceptable, according to the Minister of Justice. Lambrecht has therefore set out to amend the penal code. "Currently, we are working on proposals for what such a penal norm could look like, and want to implement that quickly," she said.

Upskirting – prohibition initiative in the Federal Council

In mid-August, the state of Rhineland-Palatinate had announced a corresponding initiative in the Bundesrat (upper house of parliament). Previously, Baden-Wurttemberg, Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia had announced that they were preparing a draft law for an initiative of the state chamber on "upskirting". Schleswig-Holstein also wanted to participate in it.


William: happy in the head and strong on the pitch

William: happy in the head and strong on the pitch

William has to laugh when asked about Bruno Labbadia's statement. The VfL Wolfsburg coach recently said of his right-back: "William is my little bird" – which was meant in a thoroughly positive way. "That makes me happy when he says something like that," explains the 23-year-old in return. In the meantime, the Brazilian has arrived at VfL and in the Bundesliga. His star is rising – and not just with Labbadia.

But the 52-year-old has played a big part in his winger's performance explosion. How did he do it? First, by ordering William from the left back to the right side of defense – where he feels most comfortable. On the other hand, Labbadia has had many talks with the Brazilian. The language varies, the two communicate with a mixture of German, Italian and Spanish. The message, however, is always the same: I'm interested in you, I want to help you get better. "I get on very well with him. If you ever make a mistake, he comes up to you and explains it to you. Something like that helps you in your development," William said about Labbadia.

On Saturday there was such a need to talk. In the 2:2 against Hertha BSC, the Brazilian made a bad mistake. The 23-year-old initiated the Berlin lead with a capital mispass. But as if he had already guessed what Labbadia said only after the game, namely that it is most important "how you deal with such mistakes," William shook himself briefly and simply went on. "It was the wrong decision, but that's what happens in soccer. I tried to put it behind me quickly," says the right-back. And that succeeded, he later initiated the 2:2 with a long ball.


“Sea-watch 3: hearing of captain rackete postponed

RomeCarola Rackete, the captain of the German aid organization Sea-Watch, wants the Italian Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini sue – for defamation. "We have already prepared a lawsuit (against Minister Salvini)," Rackete's lawyer Alessandro Gamberini told Radio Cusano Campus on Friday.

At the same time, Salvini faces a hearing – but it will not take place on Tuesday as previously planned. The scheduled appointment with the prosecutor's office in the Sicilian city of Agrigento was delayed, Rackete's lawyer told the German Press Agency. Reason is Strike of the criminal defense lawyers. A new date was not initially set.

If the hearing is delayed for a very long time, Rackete is considering coming to Germany in the meantime, Sea-Watch spokesman Ruben Neugebauer told dpa. So far, the 31-year-old, who grew up in Hambuhren, Lower Saxony, is in Italy.


Who is the mob that stormed the capitol in washington??

Active as retired police officers, a flower store owner, a former Olympic swimming champion, former elite soldiers, a Republican state legislator from West Virginia, real estate brokers, students, the unemployed, construction workers, housewives: Going through the list of more than 100 rioters already charged in the 6. January were present at the storming of the Capitol in Washington, no consistent picture emerges for investigators. Police say the attack will lead to hundreds more proceedings.

"Alongside martially clad militiamen, there were evangelicals, gun fanatics, anti-globalization activists, conspiracy sectarians, hard-core neo-Nazis, Democrat haters and seemingly ordinary Donald Trump supporters standing shoulder-to-shoulder," says a Washington investigator familiar with the background.

Storming the Capitol: Who is behind it?

Was there a strategic ordering hand behind the Capitol storm? Or, a motley random mob formed after coordinating calls on the Internet and Trump's speech that was perceived as inflammatory? No one knows reliably yet.


High-risk area turkey: these consequences can have the vacation

After all, the Turkey travelers more time than those in Israel and the U.S. When news broke Friday afternoon that the federal government was upgrading all three countries to high-risk pandemic areas, the former vaccination frontrunners the U.S. and Israel were already on Sunday night.

Only for Turkey, the new status will not take effect until Tuesday night. The background is the current infection situation in the country. The seven-day incidence was recently just above 200, and the number of new daily Corona infections had risen sharply in recent weeks. There is great concern that Returners could further fuel the infection in this country as well.

Turkey journeys in the summer: Many visit relatives

The new classification is likely to disrupt the travel plans of thousands of people. Turkey, with its turquoise sea and numerous historical and cultural attractions, is not only a Popular vacation destination.


Nrw and berlin: right-wing extremism suspected in two authorities

After the uncovering of a right-wing extremist chat group at the police in North Rhine-Westphalia are New suspected cases of right-wing extremism at the police in Berlin and at the Verfangsschutz in North Rhine-Westphalia became known.

According to research by the ARD magazine "Monitor" is now also in the ranks of the Berlin police a chat with racist content surfaced. In it, Muslims were described as a "fanatical primate culture," refugees were equated with rapists or rats, and neo-Nazis were mentioned as possible "allies" at left-wing demonstrations, according to the report, which is to be broadcast on Thursday evening.

Racist chat group: more than 25 Berlin police officers allegedly exchanged information

It is said to be the internal chat of a Service group of the Berlin police force, in which more than 25 officers are said to have exchanged. Seven officers in particular had regularly made clearly racist comments in it, often in the form of alleged jokes, the report says.


Report: anne will and miriam meckel have parted ways

They were considered the lesbian showcase couple in Germany – now it's over. The TV presenter Anne Will and the communication scientist Miriam Meckel have separated. A statement to this effect by both women has been made available to the dpa news agency.

"We have separated," says the present letter from Will (53) and Meckel (52). "Further we will not explain on this and ask to respect our privacy."

Anne Will and Miriam Meckel: Separation after several years of relationship

Signed the sentences with both names: Anne Will and Miriam Meckel. The ARD talk show host and the publisher of the magazine "Ada" had been considered a prominent lesbian couple for years.


Travel warning? Risk area? Holidaymakers must be aware of this

  • More and more countries want to boost tourism again and open their borders to visitors
  • Also the travel warning of the Foreign Office is no longer valid for many countries
  • Many would now like to book a vacation – but there are many questions in the room
  • Can you enter countries for which the travel warning remains in effect? Simply cancel the booked vacation? Who pays for medical or repatriation costs if you fall ill with the coronavirus while on vacation??

The Summer is there and many people are drawn to vacation in the distance. After due to the Corona crisis many vacations canceled this year, some countries are now reopening to tourists. Some of the travel warnings ied by the German Foreign Office (AA) because of the Corona pandemic Travel warnings have been lifted again, others could follow at the end of August.

Nevertheless, uncertainty remains among many travel enthusiasts: For when should one now Vacation book? And with which vacation destination? Important questions and answers at a glance.

Booking a vacation: Can I enter countries with travel warnings?

On 15. June, the AA has lifted the travel warnings for most European countries. For more than 160 countries worldwide, however, the warnings were ied until 31. August 2020 extended. For these countries: A travel warning is a recommendation of the Foreign Office – but it is "not a travel ban", as Julia Rehberg from the consumer advice center Hamburg clarifies. "If I still want to travel to the country, I can do this."