Out for free corona tests: these rules now apply

A quick day off – and then off to the mall or the movies? As of today, Monday, that will be expensive: those who are neither vaccinated nor recovering will still need Quick tests – must reach for it however now into the bag. And possibly also accept significantly longer distances. Because: With the end of the free citizen tests also the offer at test places is likely to reduce clearly.

The prere is on. The end for the state Free offer should not only save costs, but also convince the unvaccinated to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. Finally, immunization is free – testing costs, on the other hand, will be based on demand and are expected to rise in the coming weeks.

Corona tests to be charged as of this Monday

"Everyone for whom it is recommended and who wants to, could now be vaccinated. We have kept this promise. Therefore, citizen tests will be free from Monday only for those for whom there is no recommended vaccination," said Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn this editorial office. That are in particular children and young people.


More and more members of parliament: this is how expensive the bundestag is becoming

When on 26. September, the next Bundestag is elected, decides how many politicians get a seat. Although the guideline size for the delegates mandates is 598. But already at present sit with 709 delegates more in the Bundestag, than intended. No Western democracy has such a large parliament. In fact, it could grow significantly again this fall.

This increase is due to the overhang and compensation mandates. These places in the parliament are assigned, if a party wins more direct mandates with the first vote, than it is actually entitled in the relationship by the second vote.

Bundestag election: Why the Bundestag could be bigger than ever before?

There is a total of 299 direct mandates, which go almost exclusively to CDU and CSU and SPD in every election. For several years, however, the mainstream parties have been achieving results in the second votes that are increasingly far removed from the distribution of the first votes. In the Bundestag, all other parties benefit from this, since the seat ratio – which results from the second votes – with the so-called Compensatory mandates must be restored.


Pharmaceutical companies are breaking new ground on drug pricing

The U.S. presidential election has brought new relevance to an irritant topic: Price excesses for medicines are an excellent way to raise the profile of a company. The fight against "profiteering" in the pharmaceutical sector was written on the banner of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton more than a year ago. Her Republican opponent Donald Trump also picked up on the theme. The industry now needs to rethink and is looking for new approaches to pricing. "The old way of pricing our drugs based on ampoules or milligrams is really no longer appropriate in the current environment. We need more flexible solutions," says Jens Gruger, Head of Global Pricing Market Access at Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche.

Until now, there have been few limits to what pharmaceutical companies can charge for their drugs in the United States. In some cases, this led to astronomically high prices and outright scandals – for example, when it became known at what a premium the drug EpiPen for the treatment of allergic shocks from Mylan was sold, or the drug Daraprim against toxoplasmosis from Turing Pharmaceuticals. Debt-ridden governments, health insurers and patients have been questioning the pricing practices of pharmaceutical companies for some time now. Health systems are reaching their limits, partly because therapies are becoming more complex. Especially in cancer treatment, which is already expensive, two or more drugs are often used at the same time.

No matter who moves into the White House as president, the pharmaceutical industry will be more scrutinized when it comes to pricing in the future. However, stricter rules are likely to make the industry's revenues less abundant. The U.S. is by far the most important market for the one-trillion-dollar industry – it generates 40 percent of its sales there. And the groups earn well, in the operational business remain fast once 30 per cent or more of the conversion. This is difficult to reconcile with the argument that high prices are necessary to fund expensive research and keep reserves for failures.


Baby said to have been cured of aids

US doctors say they have succeeded in curing a baby infected with HIV. Virologists presented the case at a professional congress in Atlanta in the US state of Georgia. The HI virus had not completely disappeared from the body of the child. However, he said, the amount of viruses is now so small that the child's immune system can control them on its own. Supportive treatment was no longer needed. "You can consider this case that we've seen as close to a cure, if not a cure," Die Welt quotes Anthony Fauci, immunologist at the U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH).

The HI virus had been detected in the child's mother only when she was already in labor. Doctors at the University of Mississippi began antiretroviral therapy on the infant just 30 hours after birth – even though an infection with HIV had not yet been confirmed. Early treatment stopped the disease before the virus could form dormant cells, The World quotes Deborah Persaud of Johns Hopkins Children's Center as saying. HI viruses can settle in the lymph nodes and remain inactive there for years as dormant cells. If treatment is discontinued because no active pathogens are detected in the blood, it is possible for the viruses to "wake up" again and spread.

This is why experts react skeptically to the sensational news from the U.S. "We have observed so many patients who have received highly active antiretroviral treatment – including children – and we have never seen a cure," says Bernhard Ruf, an AIDS expert at Klinikum St. Georg in Leipzig in an interview with the Suddeutsche Zeitung. He said it should not be believed that therapy can completely destroy the virus and that an infected person can eventually stop taking their medication. "For me, the state of knowledge is still: once HIV – always HIV, once treatment – lifelong treatment," Ruf says.


Unemployment harms partner's psyche

Unemployment harms not only one's own psyche, but to an almost equal extent that of one's partner, according to a study by the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin). Whether the husband or wife loses his or her job does not make much difference.

"Both partners suffer significantly. However, since calculations have so far only taken into account the negative consequences for the unemployed person himself, but not for his partner, the costs incurred in the health care system are systematically underestimated," says DIW health expert Jan Marcus.

People who lose their jobs live unhealthier lives, smoke more often, divorce more often and die earlier. Many scientific studies have shown that. Almost all of these studies, however, focus on the unemployed person himself and not on his partner living with him in the same household.


Tonnies: all employees in rheda-wiedenbruck in quarantine

It was only a good month ago that the company reacted Clemens Tonnies Sensitive to accusations that the meat industry is particularly vulnerable to Corona infections. "I'm surprised that our industry is being placed under general suspicion here," said Germany's largest meat producer at the time in an interview with the "Westfalenblatt" newspaper.

Previously, at the competitor Westfleisch 120 employees in the Coesfeld district have tested positive for Corona. The North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of Labor ied a series of hygiene regulations for slaughterhouses, which Tonnies also had to comply with.

It apparently did little good for the slaughterhouse. So far 803 new Corona infections registered – and not all results are available yet. The row testing at the plant is expected to last until next Tuesday, according to authorities.


Donald trump's poltergeist is working: he's gaining in the polls

He speaks softly, moves slowly, looks compassionately around the room. At a church in Kenosha Are only a few invited guests. The Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden Is the nation's pastor in chief that Thursday. A few days earlier, Jacob Blake, an African-American man, was shot seven times in the back by police officers in the city in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. Rioting broke out.

Biden urges U.S. citizens to confront America's "original sin," the Racism. Kenosha needs healing, country reconciliation. Biden wears Corona mask all the time. Later, he and his wife, Jill, offer an hour and a half of comfort to Blake's family.

The 77-year-old tries to come across as thoughtful, deliberate, empathetic. Presidential he wants to appear in a country that is politically agitated, divided, polarized as never before. Every step, every gesture is like a counter-program to the incumbent Donald Trump.


Hate demos: have we imported new anti-semitism??

Ahead of the Whitsun weekend, the federal states are worried that there will be renewed riots at Anti-Israel rallies could come. Security authorities cannot be surprised. "We have always had such disputes," Jorg Radek, deputy head of the police union (GdP), told our editorial team. In 2020, the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) registered more anti-Semitic crimes than ever before: 2351.

Union faction leader Ralph Brinkhaus sees anti-Semitism "among a small proportion" of Muslims in Germany. "We have to ask ourselves, when people come to us, to what extent we can demand that they share our values. Because our values also include the protection of Jewish life."Who does not respect that, has forfeited his right as a guest here, he said ntv.

Anti-Semitism in Germany is mainly related to right-wing extremism

Hostility to Jews has no migration background. It is largely homemade and right-wing extremist. In the left-wing spectrum and among Muslim demonstrators, anti-Semitism is directed specifically against Israel. For the German government's anti-Semitism commissioner, Felix Klein, Israel-related hatred of Jews is "the most widespread form of anti-Semitism".


Retirement: how to calculate your own pension amount

Who the 27. Once a year, a man who has reached the age of 65 and is insured under the statutory pension scheme receives his pension Pension notice sent to. In the post from German pension insurance he or she can then read how high his or her monthly pension could be in the future.

But if you want to plan your retirement financially, you don't have to wait for the DRV. With a simple calculation, it is possible to determine relatively accurately how much the monthly pension will be. Whereby in the so-called Pension formula, No extraordinary investments in the pension, such as compensation, bonuses or even Christmas bonuses are taken into account.

To understand the pension formula, you first need to know how the monthly Gross pension is calculated. There are four factors that are crucial to this:


Is the next wave of corona infections coming after the tsunami??

A bus now travels through the disaster area in the flooded Ahr Valley. Charged: Corona vaccine. Without registering for an appointment, residents of the region can be vaccinated. On Tuesday, a bus parks at the train station in Ahrweiler, a town in Rhineland-Palatinate that was hit particularly hard by the floods.

Flood washed out houses, destroyed roads and bridges. However, the flood has also Health care in the region paralyzed from one day to the next. Doctor's offices are not accessible, partly even destroyed by the water. A hospital had to close in the Ahrweiler region. In a pandemic, this is fatal – a just established infrastructure of testing stations and vaccination centers lies fallow.

In addition: thousands of helpers have traveled to the region: Firefighters, police units, rescue workers from the Federal Agency for Technical Relief and the German Red Cross. Whoever pulls people out of the mud cannot provide a Minimum distance comply. Those who help desperate homeowners empty their basements aren't the first to pay attention to the minimum distance.