Booster: is now the third vaccination for all possible?

Since September, Germany has already been running the Booster vaccinations to protect against Corona. Initially, only a certain group of people were allowed to watch the third (resp. In some cases, pick up second) prick. But the rules have been changed. Can now anyone who wants to get a booster?

According to the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV), the booster offer has been well received by. "The feedback so far shows that the interest in booster vaccinations according to the Stiko recommendation is quite large," said a spokesman for the Deutsche Presse-Agentur . One recommends to perceive the vaccination according to the recommendation of the permanent vaccination commission (Stiko). The KBV represents about 181.000 doctors and psychotherapists working in practices.

Corona: Who gets now the booster vaccination?

According to the decision of the Health Ministers Conference (GMK) and a recommendation of the Stiko, the third Corona vaccination was initially considered only for certain people, as the portal "Together against Corona" informs. In addition counted:

  • people aged 70 and over
  • residents of care facilities
  • Nursing staff and medical personnel with direct contact with patients
  • People who have received the vaccine from Johnson Johnson or their complete vaccine series from AstraZeneca
  • Persons who have received a dose of a vector vaccine after a Corona infection
  • Persons with immunodeficiency or immunosuppression
  • Close contacts of persons with severe immune deficiency
  • People 60 and older after individual consideration

Do they all get the booster now?

But some time ago, German Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) had already advocated offering a booster to all those who had been vaccinated. Now also the Stiko follows this suggestion and speaks itself for basic boosters out in all persons over 18 years of age.

Booster vaccination: when can I get vaccinated?

But it needs no recommendation of the Stiko. As reported by the "FAZ" with a reference to the Ministry of Health, all those who are over 12 years old and whose last vaccination dose of the first vaccination was some time ago, could receive a booster vaccination.

In principle, a recommendation by the Stiko is not legally binding. The legal basis is the vaccination ordinance of the Federal Ministry of Health, which has been amended, as it is further said. Only the intervals between vaccinations would have to be observed.

A spokesman told the FAZ: "According to the vaccination ordinance, a booster vaccination is possible for everyone whose vaccination was given more than six months ago. Vaccine is also available for them."Thus one could agree upon after expiration of the time simply a date with its family doctor for the Booster inoculation. Giving the booster vaccine is at his discretion.

Where can I get the Corona booster shot??

The organization of booster vaccination is left to the states. Immunization can take place, for example, at treating physicians, in care facilities by mobile vaccination teams or even at the vaccination center.

Which vaccine is used for the booster vaccination??

For the booster vaccination, only mRNA vaccines are used – i.e. the vaccines from Biontech/Pfizer and Moderna. This also applies to those who were previously vaccinated with a vector vaccine from Astrazeneca or JohnsonJohnson.

SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach referred in a tweet to U.S. studies that showed that it is advisable to change the vaccine in the booster: "Moderna for Biontech vaccinated, Biontech for Moderna vaccinated, and Moderna for JJ vaccinated," Lauterbach summarizes the result. There is no regulation in this regard in this country yet.

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