Corona: austria announces mandatory vaccination and lockdown

Until the very last moment, the Austrian government had protested that there would be neither – but now they are coming: lockdown and compulsory vaccination for all. After the Vatican City State, Austria is the second country in Europe that prescribes vaccination for all its citizens. Faced with a massive fourth Corona wave, the country goes into Monday's Lockdown.

The situation is dramatic: The Seven-day incidence is 990 with exponential growth at the same time, in intensive care units especially in Salzburg (incidence: 1740) it is getting scarce. There now the triage is prepared. So the lockdown is now to break this fourth wave. For vaccinated and recovered people it should be no later than 13. December end, announced Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg (oVP) on Friday. After ten days, the data would be reviewed. But for the unvaccinated, the lockdown will continue in any case, they said.

Austria introduces compulsory vaccination nationwide

From Monday, the Corona rules known from previous output restrictions will apply. The home may be left only for compelling reasons (way to work, doctor's appointment, shopping in the supermarket and stay outdoors for recreation).

The Mandatory vaccination Should apply from February and, according to the government, ensure that there will be no fifth wave. Legal experts believe that the legal requirements for such legislation are in place. Verfangsrechtler Heinz Mayer says: "The legal situation is very clear in the current situation: the pandemic situation is according to expert opinion dramatic and the vaccination obligation is suitable to master this dramatic situation."From a purely legal point of view, there must be proportionality, which is the case. Open is, however, the design. About how a refusal is to be punished.

Lockdown in Austria: Criticism from the media

Meanwhile, the Austrian media are taking the government to task. The newspaper "Die Presse" speaks of State failure, Because the government failed to act in a timely manner. Health Minister Wolfgang Muckstein (Greens) publicly apologized in Friday's press conference. Yet it was he who had been calling for tough measures for everyone for some time – but had failed in doing so until the very end because of the coalition partner oVP. The right-wing FPo raised serious accusations. Austria is now on the way to a "dictatorship," according to FPo leaderHerbert Kickl, who himself has Corona disease. He called on people to protest in Vienna on Saturday.

Physician Were relieved about the lockdown. The daily record values in the infection numbers would be reflected only delayed in the normal and intensive care units. "It really is high time for a full stop," says the Austrian Society for Anesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Care Medicine.

Austria: Lockdown previously applied only to the unvaccinated

The measures taken so far included a 3G rule At work. Workers must prove they are vaccinated, recovered or tested. On 8. November was followed by the 2G rule for events, restaurants and tourism, which barred unvaccinated people from entering wide areas during their leisure time. On Monday, even tougher exit restrictions for the unvaccinated went into effect.

Previously, the restrictions in the neighboring country had mostly affected people without the Corona vaccination. However, the resolutions that have now been announced will now also affect Vaccinated, because the measures taken so far can't break the wave.

Austria: Heavy blow for tourism

A lockdown would affect that Christmas business extremely, said the managing director of the trade association, Rainer Will. Some of the stores are in existential danger, it said. "The industry is facing revenue losses of about 2.7 billion euros."Finance Minister Gernot Blumel held out the prospect of further economic aid for particularly hard-hit sectors such as trade and tourism.

For the Tourism the development just before the planned start of the winter season is once again a severe setback. In addition to the loss of revenue, it would also mean considerable damage to the company's image, said Susanne Kraus-Winkler of the Professional Association of the Hotel Industry in the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKo).

Guests came not only for the beautiful scenery, but also for the feeling of safety, he said. "Safety is the new currency in tourism". The Lockdown itself is alternativlos. "We have to go along with this now," Kraus-Winkler said. The industry is betting on a takeoff in the second half of the season, starting in mid-January. "We hope that something can still be saved," said the expert.

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