Corona pandemic: this is how the vaccine is to be protected

As "helping hands" the soldiers of the Bundeswehr appreciated and "booked. For the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 the Ministry of Health has formally requested administrative assistance from Storage and distribution of substances asked.

"First, wherever it seems appropriate, we will facilitate the delivery and storage of the vaccine in our barracks," says Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (CDU) of our editorial team.

Bundeswehr provides storage – and security

Bundeswehr's first offer as an interim storage facility is likely to be the Supply and Maintenance Center for Medical Material be in Quakenbruck. The military, however, vouch not least for Security, Although they do not perform police duties. What is written on the signs in front of a barracks? "Military security area. Beware of the use of firearms!"

So much Deterrence must be, if around the turn of the year the largest vaccination campaign in the history of the republic starts up. "Vaccination centers, warehouses and transport routes are sensitive targets," warns FDP interior politician Konstantin Kuhle in an interview with our editorial team.

The German government is working on security concepts for vaccination centers

"It is not for nothing that concepts are being worked on, up to and including police protection of vaccination centers," agrees Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) in. For him, an obvious conflict situation is people pushing – "but I want to now" – even though it's not their turn to go. Law enforcers are in demand.

The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) Has a different clientele in mind in a situation analysis. The Wiesbaden police department warns of "protests by Vaccination opponents, Corona skeptics and conspiracy theorists". They could try to infiltrate vaccination centers and storage facilities.

Protests and attacks are realistic scenarios

FDP interior politician Kuhle points to two risks: "The infiltration of the ,'Thinking outside the box' movement by Right-wing extremists and rioting at gatherings against the Corona measures show that the scene is quite willing and able to use violence."

In general, because of the expected large number of visitors, vaccination centers "could become Targets for attacks with a different ideological background.". Protest scenarios are more realistic than, say, theft by criminals.

Security is a matter for the federal states

The Vaccine, facing a Zulang, must be Temperatures of minus 70 degrees be stored. Those who fail to meet such storage and transportation requirements jeopardize the vaccine's effectiveness and are unlikely to sell it on the Black market hawked.

Security is also a politically sensitive area. On the one hand the Protecting transportation, storage and distribution A matter for the police – the states, not the federal government. On the other hand, careful attention is paid to ensuring that the Bundeswehr does not police duties at home takes over. According to current plans, the transport to the interim storage facilities will be provided by the Federal police monitor.

Corona pandemic: this is how the vaccine is to be protected

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Private security services protect Bundeswehr properties

The Bundeswehr is allowed to protect its own properties. Widely unknown and an irony is that the military has privatized this. 10.000 private security forces protect according to the Federal Association of the Security Industry (BDSW) military properties. "Why shouldn't they effectively protect vaccination centers?", asks BDSW chief executive Harald Olschok.

Besides vaccine manufacturers, there are other potential profiteers. These are the big Logistics groups with their refrigeration plants and transports, and precisely the Security industry.

The hazard analysis determines whether a transport receives police protection

The prerequisite is that the general conditions are right. The public sector would have to Tasks and qualifications "clearly define", demands Frederick P. Kotter from the security company of the same name. "In addition, as is far too often the case in the public sector, the awarding of contracts must not be based on the cheapest price take place. This cannot be done with us," the Essen-based entrepreneur clarifies to our editorial team.

From the intermediate storage facilities, the countries are responsible for safety. From the Hazard analysis depends on the individual case whether a transport Police protection receives. There are huge vaccination centers in the planning like the Soccer stadium in Dusseldorf; up to 2400 people are expected to be immunized against Covid-19 there every day.

Corona pandemic: this is how the vaccine is to be protected

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Bavaria backs decentralized distribution of vaccination centers

In Bavaria the goal is to establish a vaccination center in every county and independent city. There are already 89 responses. "If a location is attacked, then the whole system is not blown up yet by far", one explains in the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior the advantage of the decentralized distribution.

In addition to the spatial equalization, the logistics companies are helped by the fact that the German government is only calculating on seven million vaccine doses for 3.5 million citizens in the first quarter. According to Spahn, Germany has secured a total of 300 million vaccine doses. The whole campaign is building up and won't peak until the third or fourth quarter.

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