Lauterbach presses for vaccination booster: “absolutely necessary”

Lauterbach presses for vaccination booster:

The fourth Corona wave is clearly picking up speed in these autumn days, while Germany is largely treading water when it comes to vaccinations. At the weekend, the nationwide seven-day incidence rate for the New infections back into triple digits for the first time since May. Then on Monday, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported a renewed increase of 110 new infections per 100.000 inhabitants within one week. The trend in contagions is clearly upward. 6573 new infections were registered on Monday.

Almost all age groups are affected. But what is particularly worrying is that there is also a renewed increase in contagions among the elderly and the very old. According to the RKI, the incidence among people over 90 years of age recently rose again to 64, and among 85- to 89-year-olds to 46. By comparison, the figure in mid-June was 1. Many people of this age, as well as many people with severe pre-existing conditions and immune deficiencies, belong to the Corona high-risk group and were therefore the first to be vaccinated against Covid-19 to be vaccinated.

Boosters running sluggishly in Germany

But the administration of the second dose is in many cases already more than half a year ago. Thus the protective effect of the Vakzins against severe courses of the disease. A third booster vaccine dose before the critical winter months is indicated in many cases to prevent vaccine breakthroughs and disease.

But like vaccination as a whole, boosting is also making slow progress. Just 1.6 million people have received a booster vaccination against Corona so far, according to new RKI figures. The younger ones are in Germany – unlike in the vaccination model country Israel – in any case not yet at the turn. For them, there is no recommendation for a Corona third vaccination. You have to wait.

Lauterbach: "New vaccination campaign absolutely necessary"

SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach calls for considerably more speed in view of the current development, in order to better protect especially high-risk groups with a booster vaccination for the coming period. "In view of the rising number of cases, even among the elderly, a new vaccination campaign to use the booster vaccinations in this age group is now absolutely necessary," Lauterbach told our editorial team.

Also Federal government urged older people and people with pre-existing conditions on Monday to take up the offer of a booster vaccination. The vaccination is the best protection to "get well through autumn and winter," said government spokesman Steffen Seibert.

How many people in Germany need booster vaccination?

Follow the recommendation of the Permanent Vaccination Commission (Stiko), "would now have to very quickly vaccinate the 4.1 million people who were vaccinated by 31. Those who received two vaccinations in March will receive a third vaccination," Dominik von Stillfried, chairman of the Central Institute for Health Insurance Physicians (Zi), told our editorial team. Currently received about 250.000 people per week the third vaccination. "To implement the Stiko recommendation, there would have to be about twice as many by the end of December," stressed von Stillfried.

Since when are booster vaccinations recommended? And for whom?

The Stiko recommends since 7. October basically one Booster shot for everyone over 70. The same applies to residents of old people's homes as well as nursing staff and personnel in medical facilities with direct patient contact. Previously, there had been a corresponding recommendation only for people with weakened immune systems. For everyone 12 years and older, there is currently only one Stiko recommendation for a first and second vaccination.

"Third vaccinations must now be launched as quickly as possible, the current Corona figures are frightening," Left Party leader Susanne Hennig-Wellsow told our editorial team. Similar to Lauterbach, she also called for the third Vaccination must be "canvassed in the same way as they continue to be canvassed for the first and second".

The president of the Association of Emergency Physicians (Divi), Gernot Marx, told our editorial staff with regard to the clinics, by a Third-time vaccination of staff, vulnerable patient groups would be better protected and the risk of infection would be lower. "Accordingly, we attach a very important part to booster vaccination in combating the pandemic," Marx said.

Where are the booster vaccinations given in Germany?

The main point of contact are the general practitioners and specialists in private practice. According to the RKI statistics, most of the Booster vaccinations made – about two thirds. About a third were in vaccination centers, hospitals or through mobile teams. With company physicians meanwhile only few thousand Corona booster vaccinations made. Who plans third Corona spade, makes an appointment. Quite a few primary care physicians are also coming out directly to their patients.

As in the past, physicians are permitted, at their discretion, to test individuals in individual cases as well Third-party vaccinations to administer drugs for which there is no stiko recommendation. But the deadline of six months after the last Corona vaccine dose is adhered to by a majority of the medical profession in boosting. Sufficient vaccine is now available. As with the first two doses, the cost of the third vaccination will be covered by health insurers.

How is vaccination progressing in general??

Slow. Whereas in mid-September there were still several days in a row when more than 100.000 people a First or second vaccination received, it was for example at the end of last week only scarcely 38.000 first-time and around 60.000 second doses. Currently, 66.2 percent of the population is fully vaccinated, 69.1 percent have received at least one dose. A rate of at least 85 percent would be required for herd immunity.

Why booster vaccinations are doing better in Israel?

At the end of July, Israel had already become the first country in the world to begin to introduce third Vaccinations also to younger age groups. Meanwhile, around 40 percent of the population is vaccinated a third time. The initial renewed increase in the number of new infections has thus been thwarted. In addition, since the beginning of October, the so-called green passport, which facilitates access to public life, is only valid for up to six months after the second vaccination. After that, a third shot as a refresher is necessary. Or the passport becomes invalid.

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