Spd politician karl lauterbach reports additional income late

"Huge mistake" by Karl Lauterbach. The SPD's health expert was late in reporting ancillary income to the Bundestag. He had reported an advance fee for a December 2020 book two months late, Lauterbach tweeted on Monday night.

Karl Lauterbach: 17.850 euros for India

"In the process, my office noticed that all ancillary income from 2018/19, 17.850 € for 4 lectures, were not yet reported. Giant mistake, for which I stand straight: 17.850 I donate to India."

Below, Lauterbach posted a donation receipt for 3,000 euros from the UN children's agency Unicef.

In another tweet, Lauterbach confirmed that the money had been taxed. He said that the receipt he had circulated referred only to 3,000 euros, because that was the upper limit for a Donation be. "Rest on Tuesday," writes SPD politician.

Lauterbach told the "Bild": "I have (Bundestag President, d. Red.) Wolfgang Schauble last Thursday about it personally in a letter informed and me apologized. I am still waiting for his answer."

Secondary employment: Information is mandatory

According to Law on Members of Parliament the exercise of the mandate should be the focus of the activities of members of the Bundestag. Secondary employment is permissible, deputies must Additional income from such activities but report to the Bundestag. These are then also published in rough form on their Bundestag pages.

The regulation is intended for Transparency and, among other things, enable voters to find out about possible Conflicts of interest and the independence of the mandate holders to inform.

Lauterbach is not the only politician who has failed to meet this obligation in recent times.

Incidental income: Green politicians had to declare

Last week, it became known that Green Party leader Annalena Baerbock Special payments from her party of more than 25.The parliamentary administration had belatedly reported EUR 000 from previous years. The candidate for chancellor spoke of a "stupid omission".

Among them was also a corona-related special payment of the Greens, which is actually only for employees – Baerbock as party leader, however, receives just no salary of her party.

A short time later, it became known that Green Party politician Cem ozdemir had also overlooked to declare several thousand euros. ozdemir said in May Christmas bonus for the years 2014 to 2017 in the total amount of 20.580.11 euros subsequently reported, after he and his staff noticed that this had inadvertently not yet been done, his office announced on Thursday evening.

He had not been asked to do so by the federal administration. ozdemir also paid taxes on the funds, his office said.

Post-mortem: Criticism from the governing parties

Criticism came from representatives of other parties. "Obviously, covert donations to top politicians from the Greens have had a system for years," said CSU Secretary General Markus Blume the "Bild am Sonntag". "Ms. Baerbock, disclose everything and pay back the morally questionable Corona bonus!"

SPD Secretary General Lars Klingbeil told the newspaper, "If you want to be in the chancellor's office, you should know rules and stick to them. Top politicians taking tax-free Corona bonuses is totally unnecessary."

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