Wiebke winter in the election campaign: she is laschet's climate joker

Young, female and environmentally aware – Wiebke Winter Stands for many things that many critics say Armin Laschet is not. It was only on Monday that the CDU/CSU candidate for chancellor, who is currently suffering one polling defeat after another, presented his climate protection team.

With the 25-year-old Bundestag candidate Winter, the CDU leader now wants to score points with younger voters. What you should know about the Young politician should know.

Who is Wiebke Winter?

The Bremen resident is co-founder of the "KlimaUnion" and a member of the CDU federal executive committee. As the youngest CDU direct candidate, she is running for the Bundestag elections on 26. September on. According to its own data, the Law doctorate her state exams with honors after studying in Hamburg and Oxford and has already been a party member since 2014. The "true North German" spends her free time playing the piano, jogging or relaxing with a book and a glass of wine.

Speaking to the news portal T-Online, Winter described the moment that moved her to get involved in climate: In the summer of 2018, she heard in a Podcast, that the effects of climate change have been known for 30 years. "I heard that and all I could think was, 'Shit, shit.'!", Winter told the portal.

Wiebker Winter: Why Laschet relies on her?

Winter, who has already been dubbed "black Greta," stands for a modern CDU not only because of her age. The candidate for the Bundestag is focusing on climate protection in her campaign Election campaign on an ie that has long been treated stepmotherly by the CDU/CSU – but is important to young voters in particular and is increasingly in the public eye due to events such as the flood disaster in July.

Wiebke winter in the election campaign: she is laschet's climate joker

Chancellor candidate Laschet had long been urged by the ranks of the CDU/CSU to rely more on a team. "I am, since I do politics, a team player," he said Monday. He will until election further Personalities name those in the CDU/CSU who stand for certain ies.

Climate protection team: What does Wiebke Winter stand for??

Laschet kicked things off with Winter and two members of the Bundestag, Andreas Jung and Thomas Heilmann. The climate protection team explained details of a Energy paper. It is titled "A Turbo for Renewables". Key points are new incentives, for example for the installation of solar systems on roofs, as well as the removal of bureaucratic hurdles for the construction and expansion of green electricity systems.

On her website, Winter writes: "As a member of the German Bundestag, I would like to work to ensure that politics creates suitable framework conditions for a sustainable economy and lifestyle. And in all of this, we have to keep our strong Economy think along!" 

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