Alcohol after booster vaccination? Why this is not a good idea

Many people in Germany will receive their third Corona vaccination in these days and weeks. Around theTermin ask themselves many, which one must consider before and after the inoculation, which applies particularly with the Booster? What is the effect of taking medication or Alcohol on the immunization from? This overview answers the most important questions.

What to consider before the Corona vaccination?

Before you get vaccinated, you should tell the doctor above all whether in the past with other vaccinations already Irregularities have occurred. For example, some people faint at the sight of or when given an injection, while others experience immediate allergic reactions. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) also recommends a two-week interval between vaccinations and others.

Am I allowed to be vaccinated against Corona with a cold or flu infection?

As with other vaccinations – such as the flu shot – Corona immunization should not be given to acute illness carry out. Most doctors also advise against vaccination if the patient has a slightly elevated temperature. There is a simple reason for this: the body's immune system is busy fighting another disease – this could mean that the vaccine does not develop its full effect.

  • However, the RKI does not consider a cold or a slightly elevated temperature as a hurdle for the Corona vaccination.
  • Only in the case of Fever Above 38.5 degrees Celsius should be postponed.

Alcohol after Corona vaccination a problem?

According to Frankfurt virologist Sandra Ciesek, alcohol does not have a major impact on immune protection. However, it is not advisable to drink a lot of alcohol around an inoculation appointment.

The health insurance company Barmer writes similarly on its website. It states that there is generally nothing wrong with a glass of wine or sparkling wine. "Alcohol has no influence on a successful vaccination and the vaccination protection, as long as it really means enjoyment. In large quantities, the cytotoxin weakens the body – and also affects the immune system," write the health experts of the health insurance company. Those suffering from side effects should not be too keen on beer, wine and co. anyway. feel.

Alcohol after booster vaccination? Why this is not a good idea
  • In short: Alcohol is an additional burden on the body, which should be avoided for the time being after the Corona vaccination.
  • Experts disagree, however, on the time period. Some advise a renouncement over one to two days, others speak of weeks.

Can I take medication or painkillers after the Corona vaccination?

Since the Corona vaccines have been approved very quickly, there is little data available on this ie from the scientific studies so far.

Therefore, the RKI cannot conclusively assess whether painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen have an influence on the effectiveness of the Corona vaccination.

  • The same applies to taking antipyretics after vaccination.
  • In principle, the World Health Organization recommends, Painkillers Not to be taken in the hours following vaccination.
  • Above all, however, people should refrain from taking medication before vaccination – the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), among others, warns against this, as it could inhibit the formation of antibodies.
  • Experts therefore advise against, for example, preventively taking a Aspirin tablet to be taken before the injection.

According to the RKI, those who are very sensitive to the vaccination can resort to mild painkillers if the Vaccination reaction is so severe. Everything else is best discussed with your own family doctor.

Can I do normal sports again directly after my vaccination??

From a medical point of view, there is nothing to be said against light physical exercise after vaccination. However, you should really take care not to strain yourself too much.

  • Strenuous endurance sports or weight training are better avoided after vaccination.
  • If the physical strain is too great, the immune system can not only be weakened, but also mild vaccination reactions such as Pain at the injection site be strengthened.

Although the RKI states in its information sheet on the Corona vaccination that there is no need to take special care of oneself after vaccination. In general, however, after administering vaccines "special stresses not necessarily recommended".

Alcohol and sports: What applies to the booster in particular?

In general, with the booster, freshly vaccinated should take it easy and also on excessive Alcohol consumption should be avoided. The experts do not make a difference between first, second or third vaccination.

Because even with the Booster alcohol has an influence on our immune system and strong physical stress can intensify the vaccination reaction.

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