Cyberattack on nato countries: what it means for germany

The former defense minister Rupert Scholz (CDU) believes it is conceivable that NATO could declare an alliance emergency after a serious cyberattack, which would then also have consequences for Germany.

If a cyberattack on energy supply and telecommunications completely paralyzes a country and has the goal of making it "incapable of acting, then one would have to come to the conclusion that it is a military attack military attack Is. And after a military attack on an ally, the alliance case automatically kicks in," the defense expert told our editorial staff.

Scholz is convinced that U.S. President Joe Biden wanted his statement to be understood as a warning. He had wanted to say to the other side, "whoever that is," that "we could qualify the cyberattacks as military aggression – and then case X is there," Scholz said

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