Markus soder: bavaria's corona “makers” in crisis

They all arrived via Bavaria, by car, train or plane, and have long since returned home, to Hamburg, Braunschweig, Hagen, Gera or elsewhere in Germany. They are with the Coronavirus infected, they could know it, after all they were tested. But in their case Test No advantage through knowledge. Because these 908 Germans are guileless and have unknowingly possibly infected other people. Authorities have not notified them. They were overwhelmed. Another 100 cases are open, 150 are matched. It's a mess.

The fiasco teaches epidemiologists that Corona containment can only be as strong as the weakest part of a chain of defenses – to be discussed later. And it hits a Prime Minister, which acted as crisis manager for months. With tests on all travelers – no matter where they come from – wanted to Markus Soder (CSU) trump all and provide a "service for the whole of Germany". The Franconian has overstretched. Already, Left Party leader Katja Kipping scoffs in Berlin, "Soder exposes himself as a bogus giant in crisis management".

Markus Soder on Corona mishap: "We can only apologize"

It is not a good day for him. Soder must admit the blooper. "We can only apologize for this." Such tones are not known from him. That just him this had to happen, just Soder and just Bavaria with its model administration. While nationwide testing is mandatory for those entering the country from high-risk areas, Soder's state wants to be more demanding. Since the 25. July, every person arriving at Bavarian airports there will be given a Test offered since the 30. July, moreover, at some train stations and border crossings. The offer is well received.

By Wednesday, the helpers had reached eight Test centers 107.376 cutbacks, at three freeway service stations (A3, A8, A93), at the Munich and Nuremberg train stations and at three airports. 1298 tests turned out positive, mostly for car drivers, in 44 cases for train passengers, 157 times for airline passengers. Half of the people continued north. "In Bavaria has not infected anyone" , Soder affirms. Many do not come from risk regions, but from supposedly normal vacation areas.

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