“Maybrit illner”: corona situation in saxony causes controversy

In Germany, the Corona situation has not eased this week either. Therefore have Federal and state governments on Thursday passed new Corona rules, including mandatory vaccination in certain professions and institutions, nationwide 2G rules or contact restrictions for the unvaccinated.

Moderator Maybrit Illner therefore talks with her guests on Thursday about the Corona situation and whether Germany still has any chance at all to fourth wave to break. Journalist Eva Quadbeck thinks it's "good that something is being done at all." The traffic light has sat in the saddle," she judges. Nevertheless, the blame falls not only on the new government, but also on the caretaker government and the states equally.

SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach thinks that "we are now back in the right paradigm". He means that science first develops appropriate measures and politics reacts to it. The prime minister of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer on: "Now we're back on this sensible path again."

Immunologist at Maybrit Illner: "If this is not an emergency situation…"

For the President of the German Society for Immunology (DGfI), Christine Falk was and is discussed too much at the political and legal level. "Human lives are at stake. If that no Emergency situation is, then I don't know what one is," she appeals to. "If not everyone joins in now, then it will be tight."

"It's the problem that not everyone participates," counters Quadbeck. With a view to the situation in Saxony, the journalist therefore demands better Controls And a tougher approach. Because in the state, the vaccination rate is the lowest at 58 percent and the incidence is the highest in all of Germany.

Kretschmer agrees with this and turns with a request in the direction of the designated Federal Minister of Justice Bushman. "It has to be done with these right-wing extremist Telegram groups, who propagate the most malicious propaganda and decomposing things, something be done. This does not fit with the principle of our freedom of speech."

Bushman sees no urgency in it, however. Rather, Kretschmer should first use the money that the federal government has made available for vaccination capacity, he replied. "Mr. Bushman, you can't talk to me like that. Here comes someone from Berlin and wants to tell me something like that, that's the end of it," Saxony's premier counters sharply.

"Maybrit Illner" on ZDF: Lauterbach leaves question about health ministry unanswered

"Pull yourself together," Buschmann almost shouts before hardly a word can be understood. Both politicians get into a loud war of words, which the moderator struggles to end. Lauterbach finally settles: "The measures in Saxonia work, that show the new numbers. If we stick together, we can do this."

Whether there the future Health Minister spoken, Illner wants to know. After all, it is still unclear with whom the SPD will fill this office, which is so important at the moment. "I don't want to comment on it," says Lauterbach. "I am confident that the SPD can fill the office very competently."

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