Scandal king juan carlos in exile: homesick for spain

He was a "king of black money," people on the streets outrage. The Spanish satirical magazine "El Jueves" featured a caricature on its cover that showed Juan Carlos I. makes off with travel bags full of money.

Four months ago, the retired king, who in 2014 passed the crown to his son Felipe VI. handed over, disappeared abroad. Like a thief, Juan Carlos had secretly disappeared overnight from the palace in Madrid in early August. It is now known that at the time he was traveling by private jet to Abu Dhabi had flown to the United Arab Emirates.

At first it was said that Juan Carlos had checked into a luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi, where he occupied a suite that cost around 6000 euros per night. Now Spain's largest newspaper "El PaIs" claims to have learned that the old king, at the invitation of the Emirates' ruling Ruling family Al Nahyan living in one of the many palaces of the Al Nahyan clan.

Juan Carlos and homesickness for Spain

Spain's court press reports that Juan Carlos, who has been walking with crutches for years, is in his Luxury domicile passes the time with rehabilitation. There is also talk of homesickness on the part of the ailing ex-monarch. And that he Christmas would like to celebrate at home.

But perhaps Her Highness is not so lonely in the desert paradise of Abu Dhabi. Royal house expert Pilar Eyre ames that Juan Carlos is not alone in Abu Dhabi, but is accompanied by a "loyal friend". The only thing that seems clear is that it doesn't Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein acts, the most famous "amiga" of the philanderer Juan Carlos.

Three investigations are now underway in Spain against the man who was royal head of state from 1975 to 2014. This is about secret foreign accounts in financial havens, where millions of dubious origin are stored. This fuels the suspicion that Corruption, Money laundering and of Tax fraud.

Juan Carlos negotiates back taxes

A formal Indictment does not exist yet. Spain's justice system takes its time. The life of the ex-monarch was previously considered taboo. Which probably contributed to the fact that several Paternity suits and hints of illegal activity that had been circulating for years were gathering dust in drawers.

Juan Carlos' lawyers, meanwhile, are doing everything they can to keep it that way. "El PaIs" reports that she is currently in talks with the treasury and the public prosecutor's office about a high Back taxes negotiate. Apparently in the hope of saving their client from the dock.

Closing the investigation could open a door for the Return of the 82-year-old old king open. "He is afraid of dying in the distance," is said from his environment.

But regarding a homecoming also Felipe VI. a word to say. For his father has become a burden Monarchy become. According to surveys, more and more Spaniards today can imagine living in a republic with an elected president. Against this backdrop, many people's sadness about Juan Carlos' absence is limited.

SofIa does not mourn Juan Carlos

The latter seems to apply even to 82-year-old former queen SofIa, who has also been targeted by investigators. She, too, is said to have supported her luxurious life for years from dubious sources of money. Already for years she lives separately from Juan Carlos.

She apparently does not shed a tear for him. When asked recently if she had contact with the fugitive, replied SofIa good-humoredly: "My God, what a question."

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