Verfangsschutzer take corona “lateral thinkers” in their sights

The Verfangsschutz
has called for a closer look at " Lateral thinking
"-Events announced. Recently, extremists had participated several times in the events of the movement.

"We know that in the so-called lateral thinking movement, or at least in the events that are organized by it, also extremists
, Reichsburger and the like to appear," said a spokesman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior on Friday in Berlin. However, the movement that criticizes the Corona measures and takes to the streets against them is very diverse, he stressed. "One must look at this in a differentiated way."

Hamburg's head of interception Torsten Vob
told "Der Spiegel": "We are looking very closely at whether a separate extremist movement is emerging here that does not fit into the classic pigeonholes. There is a lot to be said for this."He also registered a growing readiness to use violence among the "lateral thinking" supporters. "There have already been two attacks, on a building of the Robert Koch Institute and in front of the Leibnitz Community in Berlin," Vob said.

Previously, Bavaria's Minister President

Markus Soder
(CSU) showed serious concern about the current development in an interview with the "Munchner Merkur" newspaper. He said, "A growing conglomerate of right-wing extremists, Reich citizens is developing, Anti-Semite
and absurd Conspiracy theorists
, who even accuse politics of satanism. Interception also needs to take a close look at what's going on. Because many of these groups want a different state."

"Thinking outside the box" demonstration in Leipzig causes barrel to overflow

Last was in Leipzig on 7. November a demonstration of the "lateral thinking" movement got out of hand . It came to Riot
and attacks on Police officers
. The latter had previously broken up the demonstration because many participants had not adhered to the Corona regulations.

At the request of Konstantin von Notz
, Vice chairman of the Green caucus
, the security authorities are to present concrete findings on the demonstration in Leipzig to the Bundestag's parliamentary control committee next week.

Verfangsschutzer take corona 'lateral thinkers' in their sights

"Thinking outside the box" demo: riots cause horror

"Also we want to know how the Mobilization
went off," said the interior politician, who is deputy chairman of the secretly meeting panel. The question should also be answered, which "mergers of actors and currents, for example from the right-wing extremist scene, the Reichsburgermilieu, Hooligans
As well as people who openly use anti-Semitic narratives and conspiracy ideologies" exist. About the meeting planned for Wednesday had first reported the SWR.

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