Corona: green party politician fears hidden triage

  • When hospitals need to treat more people than capacity allows, so-called triage occurs
  • This is what it means for doctors to decide who gets treated – and who doesn't
  • This decision can follow also already before the admission into the hospital, for example if patients from nursing homes are not transferred
  • In the Corona pandemic, this could mean that infected patients, for example, cannot be ventilated – and may die

Patient advocates are alarmed: The average age at the Intensive care units has meanwhile fallen to below 60 years in some cases. But the proportion of people over 70 who die from or with covid-19 is more than 90 percent. "This contradiction is worrying," Eugen Brysch, chairman of the German Patient Protection Foundation, told our editorial team.

The member of the Bundestag Corinna Ruffer has possibly a dramatic explanation for it. "For me, there is therefore the suspicion that people from nursing homes do not get a chance to receive intensive medical treatment because they are sorted out from the outset," the Green politician told Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland (RND).

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Triage in nursing homes? Politician calls for clarification

"If that's true, it would basically mean that pre-triage takes place in facilities," Ruffer said. This must be investigated and made public debates will.

The politician is even of Individual cases been reported in which relatives were urged by the facility to forgo hospitalization.

Also Patient protectors call for clarification of why so many very elderly and nursing home residents do not reach the hospitals in the first place.

Patient protectors: Daily statistics necessary

There are only observations, but no reliable data, on the locations of deaths, he said. "The Federal Minister of Health must finally be the Robert Koch Institutemandate to publish daily statistics on this," says Brysch.

Even the SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach According to critical care physicians and nursing directors, many patients who contract Covid-19 now die in their facilities or in regular wards.

However, the medical expert does not ame "that there are hidden Rationing plays a role, for example to relieve the intensive care units." Many people in need of care would refuse prolonged life-sustaining measures by living will.

Ruffer told RND, however, that this does not explain the high number of those who are not on Intensive care units die.

Disaster officials don't anticipate triage situation in hospitals

The German Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance does not foresee a situation in which physicians will be able to help with access to ventilators have to decide between patients.

President Armin Schuster warned against Scaremongering. "Contrary to some media reports, there are no triages in a German hospital," Schuster told Friday's edition of the "Rheinische Post" and Bonn's "General-Anzeiger" newspaper.

In a Pandemic Resources in hospitals such as ventilators may be in short supply. If these devices must be distributed to patients, one calls this distribution system after fixed criteria Triage. The word comes from the French verb "trier," which means "to sort" or "to also".

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