Coronavirus: telephone sick leave was extended

Sick leave by phone – that is due to the situation surrounding the Coronavirus Possible since March. Now the arrangement has been extended to 18. May, it would otherwise have expired on 4. May expired. This was announced by the Joint Federal Committee (G-BA) on Wednesday.

The extension takes place "due to the continuing crisis situation" to prevent further spread of the coronavirus. Patients can thus for the time being continue to be certified as unfit for work for a maximum of one week after taking a medical history by telephone. Sick leave can be extended once if illness persists.

The regulation had been decided in March by the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) together with the umbrella organization of the statutory health insurance funds. Everything you need to know about this exemption:

Sick leave on the phone: To whom does the regulation apply??

workers suffering from a mild respiratory illness – such as a a cold or a flu-like infection -, do not need to be examined by a doctor in person. You can take a sick leave after consulting a doctor by phone.

After the telephone anamnesis, the doctor sends the patient the Certificate of Incapacity (AU) by mail to.

AU certificate by telephone: Who is exempt from the rule?

If a patient shows severe symptoms, he is exempt from the new rule. Also, those who had contact with a person in the 14 days prior to becoming ill with the new Coronavirus has been detected, or who has been in an area with Covid 19 cases, falls off the grid.

Coronavirus: telephone sick leave was extended

Basically, this includes all people who meet criteria set by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for a suspected infection with Covid-19 meet. All such individuals should continue to be tested by designated agencies to slow the spread of the virus. Read here: Suspicion of Covid-19 – how to act?

For how long can the telephone AU be ied?

A doctor can ie the "yellow slip" by telephone for a maximum of seven days exhibit. It can be renewed once.

Why did KBV and GKV-Spitzenverband introduce the new regulation?

Phone sick leave option should ease burden on both doctors and patients. On the one hand, healthcare experts are thus addressing patients' concerns about possibly contracting the coronavirus only when they visit their doctor in the waiting room. On the other hand, there is the goal of relieving doctors' practices.

"At the same time, the risk of avoidable spread of infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract via the waiting rooms of doctors' offices should be reduced," the deputy chairman of the KBV, Dr. Stephan Hofmeister, quoted in a press release.

How long does the exemption last?

The special regulation to the AU certificate by telephone applied starting from 9. March initially for 4 weeks, that is, until Sunday, 5. April. Since the first decision, the rule has already been extended twice. However, there was also a dispute about this. In mid-April, the Joint Federal Committee (G-BA) of doctors, hospitals and health insurers had decided to dissolve the special rule. There had been massive criticism of this. Now the exemption has been extended again.

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