Flags and symbols at corona demos – first bans coming soon?

In late August, shocking images went viral of hoisted Imperial flags before the German Bundestag around the world. But what do the individual flags and symbols mean, the Right-wing extremist on the Anti-Corona-Demos wear? What is and is not allowed in Germany?

Clearly Banned by German lawmakers are known to be all flags and symbols that have the Third Reich in connection. This includes, in addition to the Swastika as flag and as symbol about SS and SA insignia, the Hitler salute and slogans like "Sieg Heil!" or "Blood and honor".

Anti-trafficking emblems – you could be imprisoned for three years

The wearing of this Anti-catching emblems can be associated with up to three years imprisonment be punished. This also applies to easily modified swastikas or salutes – and for the distinctive signs of groups and organizations banned in Germany, such as the "Wehrsportgruppe Hoffmann".


Corona: green party politician fears hidden triage

  • When hospitals need to treat more people than capacity allows, so-called triage occurs
  • This is what it means for doctors to decide who gets treated – and who doesn't
  • This decision can follow also already before the admission into the hospital, for example if patients from nursing homes are not transferred
  • In the Corona pandemic, this could mean that infected patients, for example, cannot be ventilated – and may die

Patient advocates are alarmed: The average age at the Intensive care units has meanwhile fallen to below 60 years in some cases. But the proportion of people over 70 who die from or with covid-19 is more than 90 percent. "This contradiction is worrying," Eugen Brysch, chairman of the German Patient Protection Foundation, told our editorial team.

The member of the Bundestag Corinna Ruffer has possibly a dramatic explanation for it. "For me, there is therefore the suspicion that people from nursing homes do not get a chance to receive intensive medical treatment because they are sorted out from the outset," the Green politician told Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland (RND).

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This is how karl lauterbach sees his role as corona enlightener

There are people who, shortly before their death, think of Karl Lauterbach Think. It's because of the bow tie. "I've even gotten flies from estates. People have written to me saying that my late husband was very fond of me and left me the bow tie," says the SPD politician and health expert at a Corona breakfast in a Berlin cafe.

Then post mortem parcels with fashionable heirlooms arrived at his home. Exotic cross ties, some made of wood, others of glass. Lauterbach never put them on, but added them to his incredibly large collection.

But where is his trademark today? The 59-year-old looks so naked at the neck. Lauterbach without a bow tie is like Trump without hair, like Merkel without a rhombus.


Tonnies: all employees in rheda-wiedenbruck in quarantine

It was only a good month ago that the company reacted Clemens Tonnies Sensitive to accusations that the meat industry is particularly vulnerable to Corona infections. "I'm surprised that our industry is being placed under general suspicion here," said Germany's largest meat producer at the time in an interview with the "Westfalenblatt" newspaper.

Previously, at the competitor Westfleisch 120 employees in the Coesfeld district have tested positive for Corona. The North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of Labor ied a series of hygiene regulations for slaughterhouses, which Tonnies also had to comply with.

It apparently did little good for the slaughterhouse. So far 803 new Corona infections registered – and not all results are available yet. The row testing at the plant is expected to last until next Tuesday, according to authorities.


Donald trump's poltergeist is working: he's gaining in the polls

He speaks softly, moves slowly, looks compassionately around the room. At a church in Kenosha Are only a few invited guests. The Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden Is the nation's pastor in chief that Thursday. A few days earlier, Jacob Blake, an African-American man, was shot seven times in the back by police officers in the city in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. Rioting broke out.

Biden urges U.S. citizens to confront America's "original sin," the Racism. Kenosha needs healing, country reconciliation. Biden wears Corona mask all the time. Later, he and his wife, Jill, offer an hour and a half of comfort to Blake's family.

The 77-year-old tries to come across as thoughtful, deliberate, empathetic. Presidential he wants to appear in a country that is politically agitated, divided, polarized as never before. Every step, every gesture is like a counter-program to the incumbent Donald Trump.


Is the next wave of corona infections coming after the tsunami??

A bus now travels through the disaster area in the flooded Ahr Valley. Charged: Corona vaccine. Without registering for an appointment, residents of the region can be vaccinated. On Tuesday, a bus parks at the train station in Ahrweiler, a town in Rhineland-Palatinate that was hit particularly hard by the floods.

Flood washed out houses, destroyed roads and bridges. However, the flood has also Health care in the region paralyzed from one day to the next. Doctor's offices are not accessible, partly even destroyed by the water. A hospital had to close in the Ahrweiler region. In a pandemic, this is fatal – a just established infrastructure of testing stations and vaccination centers lies fallow.

In addition: thousands of helpers have traveled to the region: Firefighters, police units, rescue workers from the Federal Agency for Technical Relief and the German Red Cross. Whoever pulls people out of the mud cannot provide a Minimum distance comply. Those who help desperate homeowners empty their basements aren't the first to pay attention to the minimum distance.


How a wuhan woman takes on china's government

How a wuhan woman takes on china's government

When asked how the Chinese author Fang Fang just leaves, responds to her translator Michael Kahn-Ackermann. He himself lives in China and has telephone contact with her and writes with her via the Internet. "It's Fang Fang, as someone who has to deal with slander, death threats, obscene remarks, untrue rumors day after day," he replied to our editorial staff. Despite the situation, Fang Fang said he was unbroken. But she also doesn't want to comment publicly at the moment out of an abundance of caution.

Writer Fang Fang has written the book of the hour. "Wuhan Diary: Diary from a Locked Down City.", this are 60 diary entries that vividly describe how life in the because of the Coronavirus sealed off city was. No one was allowed to go there or leave, there was no way to report from there. The virus broke out in Wuhan for the first time, much is still uncertain about its origins and trajectory. Fang Fang's book, now being published around the world, is an important look from the inside that helps Corona Pandemic and to better understand its political and private consequences.


Verfangsschutzer take corona “lateral thinkers” in their sights

The Verfangsschutz
has called for a closer look at " Lateral thinking
"-Events announced. Recently, extremists had participated several times in the events of the movement.

"We know that in the so-called lateral thinking movement, or at least in the events that are organized by it, also extremists
, Reichsburger and the like to appear," said a spokesman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior on Friday in Berlin. However, the movement that criticizes the Corona measures and takes to the streets against them is very diverse, he stressed. "One must look at this in a differentiated way."

Hamburg's head of interception Torsten Vob
told "Der Spiegel": "We are looking very closely at whether a separate extremist movement is emerging here that does not fit into the classic pigeonholes. There is a lot to be said for this."He also registered a growing readiness to use violence among the "lateral thinking" supporters. "There have already been two attacks, on a building of the Robert Koch Institute and in front of the Leibnitz Community in Berlin," Vob said.


Second wave in italy: the return to the risk zone

A man lies sprawled on the floor of a toilet at Cardarelli Hospital in Naples. In the adjacent hallway, hospital beds with Patients in densely packed confusion. The blurry cell phone video of the shocking Death of an 84-year-old in a Emergency Room Went viral on social media within hours.

In front of another Hospital the Vesuvius metropolis, cars of patients with respiratory distress are lined up. To prevent them from suffocating, nurses place oxygen bottles next to the trolleys. Thin tubes lead inside the car to the sick in the back seat.

Retirement homes in Rome no longer accept Corona convalescents

In Rome old people remain after surviving Corona infection in the hospital, because Homes for the elderly they no longer record. A young man who left the line for the Corona test in Rome to go to work receives word shortly after that he has tested positive, though no more swabs were taken. Countless episodes demonstrate that Italy's health care system is overwhelmed by the second Corona wave.


Corona: study proves heart damage in majority of recovered patients

The Frankfurt University Hospital Has published a study that Heart damage Has been found in a large proportion of Corona recovered people. After the patients negatively on Covid-19 the research team led by cardiologists Eike Nagel and Verena Puntmann found that 78 percent of those who had recovered still had abnormalities in their hearts. In 60 percent of cases, the researchers even diagnosed a Heart muscle inflammation.

"In our group, we did not observe a correlation between severity of acute infection and the presence as well as extent of cardiac injury," Nagel says.

Corona late effects: Cardiologist suspects immune response as cause

For the study, the cardiologists examined 100 recovered Corona patients of the University Hospital Frankfurt about eight weeks after the corona diagnosis. Those who recovered had an average age of 49; 47 percent were women.