Hate demos: have we imported new anti-semitism??

Ahead of the Whitsun weekend, the federal states are worried that there will be renewed riots at Anti-Israel rallies could come. Security authorities cannot be surprised. "We have always had such disputes," Jorg Radek, deputy head of the police union (GdP), told our editorial team. In 2020, the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) registered more anti-Semitic crimes than ever before: 2351.

Union faction leader Ralph Brinkhaus sees anti-Semitism "among a small proportion" of Muslims in Germany. "We have to ask ourselves, when people come to us, to what extent we can demand that they share our values. Because our values also include the protection of Jewish life."Who does not respect that, has forfeited his right as a guest here, he said ntv.

Anti-Semitism in Germany is mainly related to right-wing extremism

Hostility to Jews has no migration background. It is largely homemade and right-wing extremist. In the left-wing spectrum and among Muslim demonstrators, anti-Semitism is directed specifically against Israel. For the German government's anti-Semitism commissioner, Felix Klein, Israel-related hatred of Jews is "the most widespread form of anti-Semitism".


These well-known politicians must fear for their direct mandate

These well-known politicians must fear for their direct mandate

Many politicians – especially from the CDU – have to fear for their direct mandate shortly before the election. They include well-known candidates such as Federal Economics Minister Peter Altmaier, Defense Minister Annegret Kamp-Karrenbauer, Agriculture Minister Julia Klockner and Philipp Amthor, top candidate in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Paul Ziemiak and Hans-Georg Maaben, ex-president of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, are in a similar position. They all have in their constituencies strong Competition: Altmaier, for instance, must stand up to Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD).

The reason cited for this is the general weakness of the Christian Democrats in the Polls cited. As the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" reports, the Union could lose 29 direct mandates with a probability of 85 percent – the majority of them to the SPD.


Afd calls for germany to leave eu

  • The AfD is holding its party conference in Dresden
  • The ie is the election program for the federal elections in the fall and the top candidates for it
  • Almost 600 delegates are on site
  • A clear majority is in favor of Germany leaving the EU
  • Read here about the mood at the party conference and who is arguing with whom

"Germany. But normal" is the slogan with which the AfD enters the 2021 Bundestag elections. Normal? What does normal mean here?? That the AfD Even eight years after its founding, the European Commission is still struggling with this ie Federal Party Congress clearly demonstrated in Dresden.

The demand for a Germany's exit from the European Union. After a heated debate, this was accepted by a clear majority of the nearly 600 delegates – and anchored in the draft for an election program. The draft election program now states, "We consider it necessary for Germany to withdraw from the European Union and to establish a new European economic and interest community."In the main proposal for the program, however, withdrawal was only listed as an option. Meuthen had vehemently campaigned for rejection of the amendment.

Top duo is still unknown – but there are hot candidates

The election of a top duo, The date with which the party is to enter the Bundestag election campaign has been postponed – even though some thought the timing for the freestyle was ideal. AfD chairman Tino Chrupalla is considered one of the most promising candidates. He could be joined by Hessian AfD politician Joana Cotar. Bundestag faction leader Alice Weidel had already announced that she would not stand again as a top candidate.


Afd: will the verfangsschutz observe the party??

Actually, it's supposed to be about content: When the AfD from Saturday to their Federal Party Conference The party wants to finally fill a gap in its program and give itself a profile in terms of pensions and social policy. But it's not debates about precautionary models that are most preoccupying the AfD at the moment.

The year was dominated by headlines about the bitter dispute over Andreas Kalbitz's membership and scenes like the one recently in the Bundestag, when Youtubers invited as guests by the AfD parliamentary group harassed members of parliament from other parties. And then there is always the Federal Office for the Protection of Interception , Where soon a decision on a Observation of the party could fall.

AfD: The Verfangsschutzer will look closely at Kalkar

At the Verfangsschutzern in Cologne one will follow straight this party conference attentively. For almost two years, the agency has been intensively engaged with the AfD. Already since January 2019, it is considered "Test case" – but only "internally. Read about it: Esken: Verfangsschutz should monitor AfD more closely


Wiebke winter in the election campaign: she is laschet's climate joker

Young, female and environmentally aware – Wiebke Winter Stands for many things that many critics say Armin Laschet is not. It was only on Monday that the CDU/CSU candidate for chancellor, who is currently suffering one polling defeat after another, presented his climate protection team.

With the 25-year-old Bundestag candidate Winter, the CDU leader now wants to score points with younger voters. What you should know about the Young politician should know.

Who is Wiebke Winter?

The Bremen resident is co-founder of the "KlimaUnion" and a member of the CDU federal executive committee. As the youngest CDU direct candidate, she is running for the Bundestag elections on 26. September on. According to its own data, the Law doctorate her state exams with honors after studying in Hamburg and Oxford and has already been a party member since 2014. The "true North German" spends her free time playing the piano, jogging or relaxing with a book and a glass of wine.